Starting all over again!

If you have been here before… Yes, every thing looks different. The reason for that is Arvin (my IT and life partner) forgot to back-up my files before our web hosting server expired. We didn’t want to continue our plan because in the long run, the web hosting server company we bought were having too many problems and we needed to switch, and since I take changes positively, I didn’t cry about it.

Enough of the boring stuff!

Hi! How you been? It’s funny that some people don’t take this question seriously, because when I do, I am interested how you been. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t bother asking. I don’t assume that anyone is an avid reader, so all my blogs and rants here are dedicated to the dear void or the secret stalkers who like to check up on my life updates. Last time he/she left a nasty comment which made me feel sorry for him/her.  😉 :p I must have hurt you so bad. But you know, people get what they deserve.

Snapchat filters, I am obsessed with them because I do not have to put on make up and I look skinny when in fact I gained 10 kilos ever since. People are calling me fat these days, some say I look better some say just plain fat. In the Philippines people can say whatever they want and people don’t really care how you feel because everything is a half-meant joke and you should be strong enough to take it. We are not overly sensitive people, but due to social media we’re getting OA (Filipino term for over-acting or overly sensitive for that manner). We try to act like we’re not Filipinos, making a big deal of the smallest things. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe harsh words are only thrown in my household or my circle, who knows. I know for a fact that there are people who grew up in such a gentle environment that in the office they cry their hearts out when a mean boss say hurtful things when he was just giving a constructive criticism.


So the difference between this new blog and the old blog, is me trying to speak more on what’s on my mind whether it is nasty or nice as long as it’s the truth. I have been wondering for years what niche I should focus on, and I have decided to focus on motherhood and online business. Well I hope you’ll like that, and if you don’t, the internet is endless my friend. Go find what you are looking for.

I want to attract a tribe of strong independent women who supports and inspire other women who are confused, lost and not on track. I hope to hear from you soon!

Peace, truth and love,


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