Hi! My name is Katrina and I welcome you to my online blog and shop.

I am the life manager aka "Mum" of 2 boys, Migue (12) and Dean(8), who I am very proud of.

I was born in 1986. I enjoy this life by reading books, blogs, learning new things every day, crafting and do every thing else as long as I keep moving, creating and expanding.


I love reading about people's feelings, whether they are happy or sad, I want to know why you feel that way and what made you feel that way. Poems in Tagalog are strangely my favorite.

I also love psychology naturally even if it was never my course because human behaviour is interesting to me.

With books I usually pick up mystery, horror, biographies, self-help (business related and self-improvement only) and adventure.

A digital nomad

I am a freelance Digital Marketing Manager, and this is where I found my true calling. I have had different jobs in the past, IT, customer service, sales representative, none of which kept my interest growing and flowing because routine jobs make me dull.

I work anywhere as long as I have internet connection. I am more productive with this setting because again, repetitive and routine jobs and surroundings make me dull.  If you are interested about what a digital marketing manager does, read my article here.

Outside work, I sell things online. My online shops in Instagram are:

@vintagebagsph @bohemianph @thelibrocubicularistph


Things I love

For some reason, my dreams are always set at the beach ever since I was a child. I love the beach and  the island life where it is laidback and full of fresh air. I consider myself lucky to be living in a country filled with beautiful things that nature can offer.

I love skin care and make up products even if my partner said I don't need them.

The things I cannot live without are: chocolates, pizza, Potato Corner cheese flavoured fries and my iPhone.


Being a single mum is tough but you need to get by. You'll hear more of it on my blog which took me a while to realize that this is the niche I am going to focus more on these days.

I am inspired by strong women who are genuine and inspiring. If you are a #bossmum feel free to connect with me. I can do collaborations to help our businesses grow.