Crystal Beads Bracelets Are now Available

In December 2020 I have posted on Instagram these handmade crystal beads bracelet which are made of genuine good grade quality crystals.

It started with my love affair with essentials oils, then tarot and naturally… crystals.

Since the ones in my local stores are bloody expensive, I’ve decided to source from reputable suppliers and make my own instead, then whatever’s left, I create and sell it on my shop. This is my guilt-free solution when I am splurging and it works (sometimes).

My personal collection as of January 2021.

I have always been fascinated with natural remedies and cures. I believe that the creator has given us these natural resources to heal and help improve our daily lives, which is why they were also made to look pretty. Don’t you agree?

Shop my affordable crystals today. I only have 1 stock available for most of them.

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