Daily Ride or Die items

ride or die items

The things I cannot leave the house without are very low maintenance and affordable.

✅ Feminine Mist for the intimate area. Got this idea from one of my favourite local beauty blogger.
✅ Mac Studio Fix. Dropped this a lot of times and still intact plus the coverage is amazing! Looks better when my natural oils are coming out. Worth the price!
✅ Vitress Hair Freshener is perfect when I eat out and the food smell is trapped in my hair. Just a few spritz and my hair smells great again!
✅Human Nature Soothing Balm for headaches and when I have a bad allergic rhinitis.
✅Human Nature Rescue Balm for insect bites especially that I am a mosquito magnet.
✅Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me is a perfect lippie for every day use, matte but very moisturizing like you’re not wearing one.
✅Human Nature Rosedew Mist for hydrating your face and giving you that glass skin effect after.
✅Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm is absolutely a must have. I love the cooling effect after putting it on.
✅My every day perfume which is currently Green Tea Cherry Blossom placed in a smaller container so I can spray anytime, anywhere.
✅Alcohol spray bottle is a must have

What is your ride or die? For more Human Nature amazing organic skin care and make up products visit Bohemian Philippines

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