Himalayan Salt Lamps

I have to be honest with you, not because I am selling salt lamps, but because I want to share what is working for us. The first reason I bought a salt lamp for myself was because I like its boho effect, perfect for my bookshelf and most influencers I follow online own one.

Bohemian Philippines Himalayan Salt Lamps

Of course I was skeptical with its powers, but ever since I moved it beside my bed, I haven’t had allergic rhinitis for months! My kids who have asthma attack almost every 2 months, thank God haven’t been to the doctor for a while now. Knock on wood!

I must say if you have bad energy at home, it will not like your lamp. One time at 4:45AM someone or something switched it off. The bulb was new and working and the switch was actually turned off while I was at the bathroom. I came back to our bedroom wondering why it was dark. None of my sons did it of course. It was the first and last time it happened, something bad did happen that day.

I usually wake up at 3AM for no reason but now I sleep until 6AM. So I believe it improves sleep.

I mentioned before already that I do not selling products that I do not believe in. The things in my shop are things that I use or own already.

Anyway, our lamps are ready for shipping! PM me for orders. Be careful when buying fake lamps from other suppliers especially really cheap ones.

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